You know who we’re talking about.

Late last night, Wojnarowski took to Twitter to break the (first of two pieces of) news: free agent Nick Young agreed to a 1yr/$5.2m contract with 2017 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors, a move that guarantees them a solid shooter off the bench AND also takes the sentence Nick Young, NBA Champion” one big step closer to being true.

It wasn’t their only acquisition of the night though. Earlier that afternoon forward Omri Casspi, a solid scorer and rebounder, had also agreed to a one-year contract with the Bay Area team.

Now you may be asking yourself “But how did the Warriors manage to give Curry the super-max, sign Durant to a new 1+1, sign back Iguodala and Livingstone with bigger contracts than before, retain the services of big men David West and Zaza Pachulia (works still in progress on that one, we must admit) and also sign two new solid players to strengthen their bench?”. Well, the answer is… Collective Bargain Agreement dude!

Casspi signed for the veteran minimum, which for a player in his 9th year in the NBA is $2,106,460.

Nick Young‘s contract is where it gets a little bit more complicated. The NBA’s cap is a soft cap (meaning you can go over it, but there’s penalties if you do), and the CBA gives teams three so-called “mid-level exceptions”:: a team, even if over the cap, can sign as many veteran minimum as they want – a difficult feat is you’re a small market team looking for good role players, but if you’re a rising dynasty it’s actually quite easy!

  1. Non-taxpayer mid-level exception, available if the team is under the luxury cap apron (luxury tax line + $4m). The contract’s maximum length is 4 years
  2. Taxpayer mid-level exception, available to all teams above the luxury cap apron. The contract’s maximum length is 3 years.
  3. Room mid-level exception, available to teams that are enough under the cap to lose the other exceptions. The contract’s maximum length is 2 years.

The Warriors, before signing either Casspi or Young, were already over the luxury cap apron ($126,670,386 vs $125,266,000), so they could offer Young the taxpayer mid-level exception, that this year is worth $5,192,000.

So, once again thanks to the CBA, the Warriors could add to their roster last year’s third best 3pts catch-and-shooter… wanna guess who the first two were? Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, exactly!


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